The Illuminating Blogger Award has kindly nominated me for an Illuminating Blogger Award.

Here’s the breakdown of the rules for my part:

1. The nominee should visit the award site and leave a comment indicating that they have been nominated and by whom.
2. The Nominee should thank the person that nominated them by posting & including a link to their blog.
3. Share one random thing about yourself in your blog post.
4. Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.
5. Notify your  nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site (

So here goes…

In no particular order:

Random fact: My favourite food is pancakes. I could eat them until I explode.


7 thoughts on “The Illuminating Blogger Award

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your blog! I think you were one of the first that I followed. Anyhow, now that I know about this award system, I’d LOVE to let you know that I’m nominating you right back! =)

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