100 Words – Company

The word from thinspiralnotebook this time is ‘eat’. 

You can read the previous parts of this story here:  

Exodus , A Short Trip , Refugee


To eat is to survive. His food supplies were dwindling quicker than he’d expected. He’d taken enough rations for several years but the storm had wiped out most of his supply. His shelter was barely passable anymore. He would have to scavenge and that could mean running into trouble. He heard a noise outside which interrupted his thoughts.

He walked outside and raised his eyes to the sky, one hand raised to block the sunlight from his eyes. It was so dusty. He could barely see anything but it was definitely a ship. They could only be there for him.

Copyright (C) Teri Montague / A Thinker Never Sleeps / bardicblogger 2017. All rights reserved.

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