The Mirror Path – Voices

FINALLY, An end is nearly in sight. I know how I want to finish this story but we’re not quite there yet, so keep checking the blog for more updates.


hand on wall

Image by jannemei via Flickr

“Where are you?”

The voice that screamed through the passages was a welcome relief to Danni.

“Over here! I’m here!”

She yelled back to her twin through the walls, her hands scrabbling over the grey stones as if she could break through them by sheer force of will.


“I think we’re on opposite sides of the same walls,” Danni shouted back, desperately. “How do we get out?”

“Follow the wall round. It should lead us back to each other.”


How the hell do I do that?

Danni still felt terrified but she fumbled along the curving wall, talking back to her twin for reassurance as she moved. Her heart was still pounding,

the fear of the monster coming back for her a powerful motivator as she moved further into darkness in the ever narrowing tunnel.

“We’re must be nearly there,” Diana told her. “I can see light up ahead.”

“I can’t see anything! Oh wait, there is some light.”

green eyes

Image by jorge gonz@lez via Flickr

Danni edged over towards a smoky halo that emanated from just in front of her, afraid to move too fast for fear of losing Diana. She was almost there when she two green eyes, illuminated in a dark alcove beside her. She could see just the outline of a small, figure.

“Diana,” she said, in a low voice, barely daring to move at all. “There’s something in here with me.”


“I said there’s something…”

It jumped out and Danni screamed and set off running. She could hear her twin shouting for her but kept running until she hit a dead-end.

Her hands moved over the wall in desperation. Behind her something was laughing at her. Whatever it was had followed her with ease.

There was no where left to go.

Copyright (c) bardicblogger / a thinker never sleeps / Teri Montague 2011. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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