The Mirror Path – Trap

The story of The Mirror Path continues…

Part 10 Trap

Diana ran beside the wall until she reached the end of the passageway. Her hands scrambled in the dark, trying to find a way out.

She couldn’t hear Danni anymore. She knew that her twin was on the other side of the wall, afraid and alone.

Mirror ! Mirror on the wall !

Image by ihave3kids via Flickr

She turned around but the stone wall had turned into a full-length mirror, trimmed in dull gold. Diana thought the reflection was her own, barely able to make out the dark silhouette in the mirror, but then she realised that it didn’t move in time with her. It turned its back to her, its hands moved over the walls as it searched for a way out.

“Danni! Danni!”

She shouted but her sister didn’t hear her. Danni looked scared, her eyes wild with fear and darting to glance behind her.

In the darkness, Diana could see a shadowed figure moving closer to her twin. She could just make out two arms stretching towards Danni.

Diana went to bang on the mirror in frustration but as she did, her hand slipped through the glass, as if it was made of liquid. She pulled it back, in reflex, staring at it, then at the mirror.

She looked into the shimmering glass and pushed her hands all the way through not knowing what would happen.

She reached out to Danni, who still had her back turned and grabbed her arm. Danni screamed but Diana yanked her all the way through and as soon as she was on the other side, the mirror disappeared.

“Diana!”  cried her sister.

They hugged each other in relief. When they pulled away and glanced around the tunnel had changed, again.

“It’s different,” said Diana.


“There was nothing there.”

She pointed to her left. Where there had been a stone wall, there was now a tunnel.

 “I came from that way,” she said, motioning behind her.

“That’s a dead-end,” said Danni.

Diana turned again. Here twin was right. The way she had came was now sealed, a wall blocking the path.

“I guess we go this way then,” said Danni, pointing to the new tunnel.

“I guess.”

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